Zemljiste i biljka publishes original research papers, short communications and review papers including but not limited to fundamental and applied aspects of all soils science disciplines, i.e., pedology, agrochemistry, plant nutrition, soil microbiology and biology, soil fertility and degradation, monitoring and biodiversity, effects of climates changes and sustainable agriculture, green farming, forest environment, melioration, remediation, conservation, contamination, GIS applications, remote sensing, modelling, soil sealing, precision agriculture, GHGs emissions and carbon sequestration, biofuels and biochar, soil and water interactions, soil tillage, land use, food security, agriculture policies etc.

Manuscripts are expected to be based on studies that are hypothesis-driven. Articles including a major molecular or modelling component also fall within the scope of the journal. All contributions appear in the English language, with consistent spelling, using either American or British English.